Thursday, 12 June 2008


Well, thanks to the lovely Kezza for my first award on my blog, it was a lovely surprise! I have found so many excellent blogs over the last few weeks, all of them full of inspiration and ideas. It's really difficult to know who to pass this award onto but the 3 people I have chosen are:

Kate because she's been my craft buddy for a while and is new to these blogs like me!
Kitty because I adore her cards, she seems to get the colour, pattern and layout spot on!
Zoe because I also love her cards and she makes a lot of varied cards :-)

I love reading all your blogs so keep up the good work girls :-)

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Kate's Makes said...

Aww Mol just seen this! :-D Thanks hun! I have no idea how to get it onto my blog but it's certainly made me smile!

I've just uploaded a new card - i made another one a couple of days ago but it's your birthday one so i can't post it :-p although i may end up making you a new one as i have my eye on some stamps ;o) xx